Digital has revolutionized business as we know it – from marketing to sales, human resources, supply chain management, and virtually everything in between.

Both the beauty and distinct challenge of a digital world is that innovation is constant. What happens today can change tomorrow, bringing into sharp focus the need to create agility in business processes, organizational planning, and corporate structure.

This program is designed to equip and empower today’s executives and leaders with the frameworks, tools, and capabilities to assess and improve their digital dexterity, as well as unlock new opportunities for business success.






Founder and CEO
@ FutureMarketer

Taru is an esteemed faculty member for Rutgers Business School Executive Education, where he brings his expertise, practical insights, and vibrant instructional style to life in a professional learning environment.

Taru is also the Founder and CEO of FutureMarketer, a digital marketing training & consulting business whose goal is to help marketers become more future-ready.

Over the past 21 years of his career, Taru has led large digital marketing agencies, helped many clients reinvent marketing practices and operating models, built global brands, pioneered startups… generally been a catalyst for positive change.

Before launching FutureMarketer, Taru held senior leadership positions in the world’s leading digital marketing and consulting agencies. His previous roles include MD at JWT-XM, one of WPP Asia’s most awarded digital businesses and Head of Digital and Integrated at Y&R and Clients Director at LBi Europe (now DigitasLBi).


Instructor of Professional Practice and Managing Director of RBS Executive Education

As Managing Director of Executive Education, Peter is responsible for the strategic and operational activities related to both professional and corporate education at Rutgers Business School.

He is primarily responsible for the digitization and mobile deployment of all Executive Education programs at RBSEE, as well as program portfolio development and business management. He spearheaded the advancement of online programming by leveraging technology, with a focus on the customer experience.

Peter was instrumental in the establishment of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for RBSEE to enhance both the customer experience and provide valuable data analytics to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

He is active in The International University Consortium for Executive Education (UNICON), where he has presented his pioneering views on integrating technology into executive education program delivery, and serves as Co-Chair for the Digital Communication Subcommittee. He also consults for other academic Institutions by instructing how to implement their transition to digital.

Executive Education, Digital Strategy, Customer Experience


Digital Marketing

For more than 10 years, Prantik has led a successful digital consulting firm, trained, and advised more than 500 enterprises in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region on all things “social” – devising social strategies for brands’ marketing, sales and customer service functions.

His genuine passion for transformative social media has made him one of LinkedIn’s top 100 connectors in the APAC region and that’s what keeps his Klout score at 70. Prantik is a regular commentator on digital marketing in regional blogs and publications such as Marketing Magazine, Campaign Asia and the Singapore Business Review.

He has spoken at regional conferences such as ad:tech & iMedia and was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award at the Global Youth Marketing Forum. When not advising clients, he can be found either enjoying a game of cricket or chatting about sports, politics, or public policy.



Workshop 1: Digital Marketing Strategy

This session will present a marketing framework for assessing customer needs against a company’s holistic marketing strategy to ensure a necessary mix of channels, tactics, and content that result in a desired client acquisition journey. This session synthesizes the various digital channels and strategies available to brands, and how they must be strategically leveraged together with traditional media to maximize marketing effectiveness. Through analysis, each participant will better understand how to evaluate and allocate resources to more efficiently acquire new clients, as well as engage and retain existing customers.

This session will reveal the opportunities of big data and how a well-thought-out strategy can help a business separate digital intelligence from data noise. Through case studies and examples of best-in-class business data practices, we’ll synthesize the extensive amount of consumer and market data accessible and collectible by companies into actionable insights.

Content marketing provides helpful and informative content that enables your customers to solve real problems — even if they never buy from you. At the core of content marketing is high-quality content — content that your customers will voluntarily choose to view and read. This is a clear contrast to advertising, which customers often find to be an intrusion when they are in the midst of something else. Through content marketing, you can not only reach new customers, but also do so in ways that they will appreciate.

Search marketing is about letting your targets find you. Unlike other forms of marketing, search marketing is all about being attractive, rather than interrupting people when they are doing something else. And although search marketing might seem intimidating because of all of the technology that goes into a search engine, the truth is that search marketing is much more about marketing than about search.

Workshop 1: Social Media Marketing

You can't force people to say nice things about you any more than you can order them to buy your product or service. But marketers are masters of influence and that is the coin of the realm in social media. Whether you are trying to directly influence your audience or trying to identify which social players are their influencers, your best bet is to recognize that social media marketing is influence marketing on a grand scale. So, beyond understanding how Facebook or Twitter might work, what you really need to know about social media marketing is how you can use it to persuade your audience with your message.

In this power-packed session, executives will learn how mobile — at over 7+ billion devices worldwide and still on a growth tear — is changing behaviors and businesses for the better. Participants will be walked through an array of mobile tools, best practices, and technologies that bolster communications, enable better, faster and easier marketing programs and processes, and give today’s B2B and B2C companies a wide range of options to improve their organization’s performance across many functions and divisions.

As a leader, the knowledge of digital measurement will empower you to make better marketing investment decisions throughout your business. Advanced attribution modeling is changing the way we approach digital marketing. Furthermore, ROI maximization includes partnering with agencies and service providers to create an ecosystem of success — and knowing the right questions to ask of your team or partners is critical. This session will explore key frameworks for measuring digital effectiveness and return on investment (ROI).

Digital change management is a complex and iterative process that requires endorsement, support, and planning from executives at the highest levels. This session discusses how to evaluate the true impact of digital transformation on different parts of the organization. We will also explore key examples from some of the world’s most innovative firms that show how different businesses are mobilizing with digital. Finally, we will move to the key steps involved in the transformation process so that leaders are able to assess the holistic impact of digital transformation on their business; and increase their chances of successfully leading this digital change.

Why Us

Rutgers University is a pre-eminent US university for executive education. The digital bootcamp is a crash course modelled on the EMBA which has been running at Rutgers University since 2009 and has been ranked in the top 25 universities for executive MBA’s by both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Business World. Financial Time ranked Rutgers University as number 6 in Executive Education in 2016.

Rutgers University has unrivalled experience working with multinational brands on developing bespoke training.

Benefits Of Attending

1. Attendees will be able to evaluate digital marketing strategies and get a solid grasp of the core concepts and tools of digital marketing management.

2. Attendees will be able to design, manage, and track social media campaigns and understand the theory behind social media and the levers that influence its effectiveness. Participants will gain practical skills and learn the latest technical tools through online exercises and hands-on projects.

3. Attendees will get a 360-degree view of content marketing today – including strategy and creation, measurement, monetization, distribution, influence, and audience building.

4. Attendees will learn about the strategic and tactical consideration that are shaping mobile marketing initiatives.

5. Opportunity to attend a bespoke masterclass for your organization if five or more attendees from one company attend

“This training provided us with a clear framework for our own actions.”
“I wanted to know more about the digital ecosystem…the job is done. Good material, good examples, good interactions.”
“100% met my expectations, and would like to learn more about everything.”
“These two days have enabled me to structure my non-connected knowledge.”

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      Attendee Profile

      Professionals in marketing, advertising, branding, communications, or sales. Those who are currently working on building a digital strategy for your company, product, or service. Executives and managers who want to expand their breadth of knowledge in their digital   space

      Teaching Methods

      Through case studies, interactive sessions, and exercises, attendees will be provided with an actionable digital marketing framework through which to evaluate, plan, and execute digital strategies and initiatives.

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